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Golden Africa Djibouti is an international oil manufacturing company based in Djibouti. As a frontrunner in the edible oil sector, Golden Africa dominates the horn of Africa. Our Djibouti-based BULK Terminal is seamlessly linked to the Doraleh port, facilitating the direct offloading of diverse raw materials from our Bulk Vessels.

Golden Africa Djibouti has the largest manufacturing and packing facility for edible oil in the Horn of Africa. With a daily production capacity of 1000 MT of finished products, we lead the industry. Our exceptional delivery capacity handles 4000 MT of bulk daily from our station, and 1000 MT of finished goods, packaged and distributed in different SKUs of 3L, 5L, 20L & 25L. Our operation is well diversified that cover various raw materials such as RBD Palm Olein, RBD Palm Oil, Palm Stearin, PFAD, and Sunflower, which enhance our operations and offerings.

At present, our terminal boasts a storage capacity of 50,000 Metric Tons concurrently, excluding the dedicated factory storage for processed oil. This capacity positions us as one of the largest storage facilities in the Red Sea. This significant investment underscores our management's unwavering commitment to meeting the escalating demand for this essential commodity.

Our Services

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We have integrated state of the art edible oil processing plant with full integration lines which allows us to process the oil from the bulking station passing by the complicated manufacturing quality process until the packing of the finished products to be delivered to the end consumer.


Our blow molding plant produce Jerrycans of the highest quality that are perfect for storing and transporting processed oil. Our durable and robust Jerrycans are manufactured using cutting-edge technology to ensure that they are of the highest standard. With our blow molding services, you can be sure that your Jerrycans will be safe and reliable.


We own one of the largest bulking storage facility in the horn of Africa. The edible oil storage is distributed in several separate tanks which allows us to receive different types of oil and store it simultaneously without any mixing of quality or quantity. Our current bulk storage capacity stands at 50,000 MT with plans to expand it in the near future.


We offer bulk loading services for a variety of products, including RBD Palm Olein, RBD Palm Oil, Palm Stearin, PFAD, and Sunflower.

Our expert team is experienced in safely and securely loading your products to ensure that it arrives in the same condition it left in. We guarantee fast and efficient delivery of your bulk products.


Through the cooperation of the customs authority of Djibouti, we are able to receive and offload vessels with different bulk products.

With three pipe lines, which extend from the port of Doraleh to the Bulk Terminal, we are able to receive bulk vessels and offload the products directly to our terminal tanks.


We offer a reliable and cost-effective transportation service that ensures timely delivery of your products.

Our own fleet of trucks allows us to provide fast and secure transportation of goods to customers' desired destinations We understand the importance of customer satisfaction and strive to provide the best service possible.