About Us


Golden Africa Djibouti is an international oil manufacturing company based in Djibouti. We have the largest manufacturing and packing facility for edible oils and cooking oil among the east African countries Djibouti, Somaliland, Somalia, Eritrea, and Ethiopia. Our production capacity is 500 metric tons per day of finished products. Our skilled team are there to support all the operation which we have developed in the past one year with intensive training, to be capable of handling the different types of operations, and the day to day job according to the required task. We have developed teams for handling bulking receiving and terminal operation, Bulking storage handling, production of packaging materials, processing and production of cooking oil, complete solution for finished products operation, product quality control, quality assurance and warehouse, logistics systems for inland and road transport in addition to sea freight and shipping solutions. We are handling different types of cargo for different clients in various destinations through land and overseas in a very short period of time since our operation started.

Our Services


We have large storage capacity where we can store our high quality finished products inside our warehouse.

Road Transport

The Loading bay is catered to serve any truck length or size as we have the experience in loading different types of trucks.


We can transport large quantities of products via cargo ships or barges.