Bulking Storage

We own one of the largest bulking storage facility in East African countries. The edible oil storage is distributed in several separate tanks which allows us to receive different types of oil and store it simultaneously without any mixing of quality or quantity. We are also working on an expansion in the bulking terminal capacity. This expansion is due to the demands received from several locations of our clients in the nearby countries to the bulking storage service for their edible oils.

Terminal Operation

Through our expertise in the industry, we are capable of maintaining and managing the operation of the terminal for various clients to different types of edible oil. We assure a smooth process from the receiving of the oil until dispatch and by following up procedures for a fast and easy operation. Through cooperation of the custom authority of Djibouti, who help us with facilitating the operation, which allows us to provide the best services to our clients in Djibouti and to the neighbouring countries. We also have our own pipeline that extends from the port of Doraleh until the Bulk Terminal. This gives us the privilege to be the only owner of the edible oil receiving facility in Djibouti.

Oil Packing

We have integrated state of the art edible oil processing plant with full integration lines which allows us to process the oil from the bulking station passing by the complicated manufacturing quality process until the packing of the finished products to be delivered to the end consumer.

We have our own packaging material manufacturing lines that allow us to produce all the needed packaging sizes for the local market and the neighboring countries as well as the overseas markets.

Our lines give us the strength in manufacturing the small packaging sizes, such as 3L, 5L and the large packaging sizes such as the 20L & 25L as a leading full integrated edible oil factory in Djibouti and in the East African countries.

  • 3 Litre with carton
  • 5 Litre with carton
  • 20 Litre without carton
  • 25 Litre without carton

Our leading brands are “LIBA” and “AL NAQI” which are demanded in the local market of:

  • Djibouti
  • Somalia
  • Somaliland
  • Yemen
  • Ethiopia