Oil Packing

We have our own packaging material manufacturing lines that allow us to produce all the needed packaging sizes for the local market and the neighbouring countries as well as the overseas markets.

Bulking Storage

We own one of the largest bulking storage facility in the East African countries. The edible oil storage is distributed in several separate tanks, which allows us to receive different types of oil

Terminal Operation

Through our expertise in the industry, we are capable of maintaining and manage the operation of the terminal for various clients to different types of edible oil.

About Us


Golden Africa Djibouti is an international oil manufacturing company based in Djibouti. We have the largest manufacturing and packing facility for edible oils and cooking oil among the east African countries Djibouti, Somaliland, Somalia, Eritrea, and Ethiopia. Our production capacity is 500 metric tons per day of finished products.

We employ over 500 employees and that it's state of the art facility, strategically located. Our skilled team are there to support all the operation which we have developed in the past one year with intensive training, to be capable of handling the different type of operations.

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